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Great moments in personal growth

Had this dialogue some hours ago, when talking about a shooting with some musicians. Him: “Well, you know, I think we have to talk about money now, cause, you now, we both don’t have much money, so …” Me: “Well, … Continue reading

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I hear voices

I love music. I love sounds. I hear music in everything. I hear music when I sit in the kitchen, reading, smoking (I don’t smoke in my bedroom), with the dishwasher on and the clock ticking, they produce the most … Continue reading

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Congratulations to all citizens of Muslim faith living in the Ruhr Area of Germany. A beautiful new mosque was opened in Duisburg yesterday. I had seen some pictures of the interior recently, but was not aware that it was a … Continue reading

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Follow up

So, after having written the last entry, I read some more in the Shapely Prose harrassement thread, and came to this blog entry by Ophelia, who pretty much said whatever I tried to say, only better and more succinct. She … Continue reading

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Rubber ball of fear

Last month I was walking to my favourite bar, which lies on the Reeperbahn, the red-light-district of Hamburg. It has sex-shops and striptease bars, but mainly “just” bars, and, from ten to two in the morning, mostly drunk 16 year … Continue reading

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