You vs. the others

Thanks to Wil Wheaton’s link on Twitter (you rock, nerd boy!), I came across a post how Sarah Palin thinks that criticism of her public statements are unconstitutional. Now, I don’t have a place for hate in my life or my vocabulary, I think it is an extraordinary emotion that often does yourself more harm than it is useful. So let me say that I seriously dislike both John McCain and Sarah Palin; not necessarily for all of their beliefs, but mainly for how they express them.  I do respect Republicans, I highly value some of the same things that the do value.

After reading the above mentioned article, I thought about why on earth somebody that I have never met would annoy me that much. I came to the conclusion that I am partly just incredulous how somebody could say and believe the things she says and believes. Because her values are largely not my values, apparently I cannot believe that she is being honest when giving statements like the above. Let me stress this: I do not believe that she is lying. I do think that the problem is that I cannot comprehend that somebody could actually believe the nonsense she is uttering. I also believe that this is why people of both large US parties describe the respective presidential candidates as insincere and lying. It threatens our view of the world perhaps, if somebody has different beliefs than us. We attribute to malice what is most likely simply an expression made in good faith. Maybe this tells us more about ourselves than about the other party.

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