Great moments in personal growth

Had this dialogue some hours ago, when talking about a shooting with some musicians.

Him: “Well, you know, I think we have to talk about money now, cause, you now, we both don’t have much money, so …”
Me: “Well, I am sorry, but I just don’t have the money right now to pay for models, errr…”
Him: “oh, no, nono, this is a misunderstanding, I was talking about paying *you*…”

This was … great. I know, I do take money for shootings already, but I am always so fucking *timid* about asking for it, and this was just a reminder that other people *do* think that my … well, I hesitate to call it my works… photos are good enough to offer me money for them. I really have to work on my marketing strategy.

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One Response to Great moments in personal growth

  1. OJ says:

    You know, this might be one of the rare occasions where “I told you so” is an acceptable sentiment. 😛

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