Follow up

So, after having written the last entry, I read some more in the Shapely Prose harrassement thread, and came to this blog entry by Ophelia, who pretty much said whatever I tried to say, only better and more succinct. She summarises the whole thing with “We haven’t been telling you because it’s so common we’re almost used to it, but most women live with a certain level of fear as a given. A GIVEN. Think about that for a minute.”

She also quotes Margaret Atwood with something I want to repeat to most men most days:

“Why are you afraid of women?” I asked a group of men.
“We’re afraid they’ll laugh at us,” replied the men.
“Why are you afraid of men?” I asked a group of women
“We’re afraid they’ll kill us,” replied the women.

I feel like I should end on a positive note. I am not sure that is the right thing to do. I think sometimes it is necessary to feel uneasy in order to get up the energy to do something. But anyway: thanks to all those friends in my life that show that they are *aware* that some situations are more scary to women than to men. Who offer to walk me to the train, when I was too embarrassed to ask. Who ask if the point for meeting is all right, because I would have to come there by myself. Who lean over and start a new conversation because they have the impression that that drunken guy is trying to chat me up.

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