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Fortune favours the brave

Fortune published two lists, of the 25 best-paid men and women. The highest paid man on the list earns $350.7 million a year. Number 25 earns $41.9 million. The highest paid woman on the list earns $38.6 million. As Shaker … Continue reading

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The exception that proves the rule

The expression is often used to mean that the exception to the rule means that the rule is true. Now, that is not the original meaning (but hey, language lives and flows). The original meaning is more along the lines … Continue reading

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Follow up

So, after having written the last entry, I read some more in the Shapely Prose harrassement thread, and came to this blog entry by Ophelia, who pretty much said whatever I tried to say, only better and more succinct. She … Continue reading

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Rubber ball of fear

Last month I was walking to my favourite bar, which lies on the Reeperbahn, the red-light-district of Hamburg. It has sex-shops and striptease bars, but mainly “just” bars, and, from ten to two in the morning, mostly drunk 16 year … Continue reading

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History is written by the victors

The victors, in the case of what is perceived as world history, being white men. And when children are taught in school that all important discoveries or inventions have been made by men, it seems natural that some of them … Continue reading

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These little things

or why “but it’s only one X (insert medium here), what are you getting all worked up over” is not a valid argument when women get annoyed at the widespread sexism they encounter every bloody single day. Yes, at any … Continue reading

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