This is not a blog about David Bowie or British television, although I am sure at least the latter category will come up a lot in here. I ranted about the remake of Life on Mars in an email today, and thought that it would be nice to have a blog in which to elaborate a bit. I had been thinking about a blog a lot recently, not only as a public thing, but also just as an outlet for many things I happen to think about lately.

There have been few times in my life where my mind has been so thoroughly blown by outside input.  Blogs like Shapely Prose and Shakesville continually challenge my perception of the world. The only problem is communicating with people who have not yet taken the red pill, so to speak. Once you questions your own privilege or see things from a new perspective, I find that you have to be careful not to expect the same from others. Once you recognise how much women are objectified and demonised in media, it is hard not to see every movie or read every book with that in mind, and as well it shouldn’t. That doesn’t mean that I can expect every person out there to have had the same experience, and that they even understand what they mean when you speak of “othering women”. And that is why I sometimes feel like I do have a Life on Mars, like everybody around you cannot see what you see, speaks a different language, and rolls their eyes when you point out stuff to them. Then again, I have been feeling like an alien all my life, so the experience is nothing new.

Plus, I really need to practise my English, so there you go.

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